Why Verizon Fios Will Continue to Fail

*** Update 3/1/2011 ***

Finally, after over 3 months of asking Verizon to fix their database and let me re-order Fios, I know have the ability. There were a handful of things I did to get my ability to order service restored. I am not sure which one did the trick. I called and emailed Verizon about the issue a few times. Each time they said they would look into it. Week went by so I tried a few more things. The next thing I did was sign up for future notification using an alias name and email address. I figured maybe Verizon knew who Gigamike was and didnt want me to have their service after posting my opinions on this blog. I have to admit, that is a little narcissistic. The last thing I did, just a few day ago, was email the Verizon Business office claiming I need a serviceability check for my address so that I can run a web site out of my house. Only a few days later, I can now suddenly order service again. Im not sure what the fix was, maybe it was my original call back in Decemeber and Verizon’s opinion  of a couple weeks really means a couple months.

Now all I need to do is wait for the Video hub to be built and testing to be complete and I will sever my Time Warner Cable connections once again.

**Original Post 12/18/2011**

I really loved Fios when I had it (I canceled it when they raised the price 25% but didn’t increase the speed  along with it). I really enjoy competition in the market place and as a Fios customer I was looking forward to one day enjoying Fios TV.

As a now former Fios customer, I had been looking forward to the day that Verizon would lower their prices so I could enjoy Fios Internet service once again. I was also looking forward to the day that maybe, just maybe, Verizon would introduce Fios TV in my area and offer some competitive rates. Unfortunately while the later may be true in the coming months, I am not going to be able to enjoy it and here’s why:

Last month my 12 month promotion with Time Warner Cable was about to expire and I was facing paying $55/month for Road Runner. I still think this is way too much for anyone to pay for Internet access so I decided to try Verizon Fios again. I still have the ONT (fiber optic converter box) and the fiber connected to my house so I figured it would be a quick process to log on to Verizon’s website and re-order Fios Internet. Unfortunately, its not that easy.

When I go to the Verizon Fios website and enter my address to check for availability, it tells me that Internet is not available in my area. It then gives me the opportunity to sign up for future availability notifications. I was curious to see if perhaps Fios was no longer in my neighborhood so I entered my next-door neighbor’s address. Not supprisingly, they still can order new Fios service. Their house is about 15 feet away from my ONT and they can get Fios but I cannot?? I thought this must be some kind of error so I popped on the instant chat to see if a Verizon rep could help me out. The rep asked me for my address and began searching in the system. The rep came back and told me that Fios was not available(I also can no longer get DSL since the Verizon tech removed the copper line from my house 3 years ago). When I asked the rep why I cannot get Fios, I  received an odd response: I was told that I was not in a Fios market and one day Fios might be available in my town or neighborhood. I almost began laughing because this is obviously inaccurate. I was so irritated that I logged off that chat session and opened a new one with a different rep hoping I would get better luck. This rep told me that my address wasn’t eligible for Fios service and one day I might be eligible. When I explained to this rep that I am a former Fios customer and already have an ONT and fiber on my house, he told me that the hub must be “out of available ports.” I know this is plausible but in my neighborhood about 25 of the 500 or so houses served by the local hub have fios so its simply not true. I explained that my next-door neighbor could get Fios so clearly there are available ports. The rep soon gave up and suggested that I called Verizon sales and get it straightened out.

I decided to call Verizon Fios Sales so I could speak to a human and perhaps sign up for Fios that method. Although this task seems simple, it was yet another futile attempt to get Fios. I was on hold for over 15 minutes waiting for a sales rep to help me out. I soon gave up and called Time Warner Cable. I had a rep in less than 60 seconds and was able to lock in another promotion for a year at a fraction of Verizon Fios prices. Road Runner isnt horrible and their customer service is clearly better.

So, while I would love to be a Verizon Fios customer it just isnt in my future. It is at no fault of my own, I just couldn’t be a Verizon customer if I tried any harder. I suppose I could order it at my neighbor’s address and when the tech arrives explain to him/her the situation. Lets be honest, that just isnt going to work either.

If Verizon doesn’t figure out a solution to this problem they are going to fail. I cannot be the only former Fios customer. How can Verizon expect to have a successful TV rollout if they cannot reactivate a customer’s account?

Dear Verizon,

Let me know when you want to light up the ONT on my house. I would love to be your customer again assuming you let me.




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