Fios: I was your biggest fan

Although somewhat critical towards some of Verizon’s practices, I was Verizon Fios’s biggest fan for over 3 years. I was a fan because they promised faster speeds, they were the answer to time warner, and it was just plain cool to have a fiber optic cable running to my house.

However, yesterday I received a letter from Verizon that they were increasing my rates. They weren’t going to increase my speeds along with my rate, just how much I pay.  How much do you ask? They are raising my rates from $39.99 to $49.99 for a 10Mbps download / 2 Mbps upload package. Note that this package is still too small to get free wifi. This is an increase of 25%. I called Verizon and asked if they could give me any kind of promotional price if I lock in for another year or so. I tried everything to get them to give it to me for a lower price and they only offered me $47.99/month if I lock in for another year. Weeeeee, $2 per month!!!

I promptly called Time Warner to check on their promotions. They are offering 10Mbps/1Mbps for $29.99 or 15Mbps/1Mbps with speed boost up to 22Mbps for $34.95/month for 12 months. I opted for the Turbo package and I am absolutely satisfied with it so far.

Now, I know that many people think that the cost of things simply go up, and I completely agree. Its okay for a company to occasionally raise their rates as the cost of business goes up. But a $10 per month, 25%, increase is quite a bit especially since I am not going to get anything extra out of the deal.

Thanks to the power of competition, Time Warner will have my business for at least the next 12 months. If VZ decides to come out with any promotions within the next year that offer a better price/performance deal, I will go back.  But for a cheap-o like me, every dollar counts.

Today I unplugged the power from the ONT and popped the battery out. Hey, now I have a free battery for my other dead UPS. Sweet. Anyone want to buy an Actiontec Mi424wr?


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