Verizon’s Botched Installations

OK, so first I told you about how Verizon falsely sells their service as ‘secure’. As it turns out the installtion is (in some cases) not even safe!! I dont hate Verizon in any way but come on guys, get it together.  Its so disappointing that what should be the best broadband service in the country is failing so miserably.

I read on slashdot a few weeks back how the New York State Public Service Commission did an audit and found “a high proportion” of New York Fios installations were not grounded properly. What does this mean? At first I didnt think it was that big of a deal because its all fiber optic and there isnt any conductive copper running to my house anymore. Apparently its a bigger deal than that because Verizon has been ordered to go revisit EVERY fios installation in New York State and inspect the ground wire. They must correct the issue in 45 days.

Yesterday, 2 verizon dudes came to my house to check my installation. My ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is on the outside of my house and there are about 5 wires that run inside. A couple for power and to monitor the UPS. One is for my ethernet cable. And the last one is the ground wire.

My wife let these clowns into the house after calling me to verify. I told her to tell them that the ONT was grounded to a water pipe in the basement above a certain window. I told her they would need to remove the ceiling tile to get to it. These clowns didnt believe her (or me) and went to go check the circuit breaker (also in the basement, but far-far away from the ONT). When they didnt see the ground wire on the circuit panel she insisted it was where I first said it was. They removed the ceiling tile and said to her “hey, I guess this guy (me) knows what he is talking about after all.” If only they knew 🙂 .

They then told her that the ground cable was too far away from the ONT (its only about 6 feet from the ONT) and it would have to be redone. I guess this isnt a bad thing especially since VZ plans to compensate the customers affected. Hopefully they wont reground it to the gas main like in one of these pictures.

I will let you know what this so called compenastion is when or if I get it.


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