Verizon’s false sense of security with Fios installations.

May 6, 2008

This post returns here: with some other info. Read below then the follow-up for a good laugh.

Today (6/6/2008 ) I was politely asked by someone claiming to be working on the Verizon security issue to take my article down. I suppose that the impact of my findings could be severe if the information got into the wrong hands.

Personally, I think my original article was a little too cryptic and probably went over most people’s heads that read it. Anyway, I have decided out of good conscience to remove the article. I would hate for something so horrible to happen to Verizon to somehow make me (or everyone) lose my Fios.

But the bottom line is that phone companies (or any company) shouldnt pretend to be something that they are not. Maybe many of the Verizon peeps that head up the fios team still think they are dealing with voice. It wouldnt hurt to have a professional security adviser to say “WEP, are you kidding me?? You’re fired” to the newb that thought of the idea in the first place. But I guess we were all newbs at one point in our lives.

I was just about to publish a step-by-step “how-to” but this anonymous source contacted me just in time.

The original article is available to security experts upon request. Just post a comment to this blog. I will be notified and try to see if you are legit. If you are then you might get a copy.